Seven Steps to Villa Rental Success

If you are looking to rent a villa but you don’t know where to start from, you are not alone as finding the perfect getaway for a holiday isn’t always easy. However, there are ways to set yourself apart from the herd and get the villa rental you want without having to break your budget. This article will break down the process of finding the perfect villa rental into 7 steps.

Put a Budget Together

When putting your budget together, don’t just look at the difference in the hotel price and the villa rental price. There is a need to factor in what needs to be paid as an initial down payment, household supplies and the food you will purchase. You can assume you won’t be paying restaurant prices for every meal but you will most likely be buying toilet paper and coffee. It is important to get a consensus from everyone about what household expenses will be shared if you are traveling with a big group of people.


One important step to villa rental success is research. There is a need to conduct comprehensive research on your destination, the company you will be reading through and the actual home you are interested in before signing an agreement. After conducting this research, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Do you trust the owner or agent? There are lots of hyper-local websites to search for villa rentals so it is important to decide what you want in an agent and find someone who is able to fulfill those criteria.
  • What are you getting exactly? Before signing any agreement find out what amenities are included in the home and have a contact for any follow-up questions you may have.

Be Flexible

It is quite unrealistic to expect that the kitchen in your villa rental will be as fully equipped as the one in your home. This is why it is absolutely important to have an idea of what you need and what you can live without so you can pack accordingly.

Try to Pay Using a Secure Payment Method

A lot of villa rental websites usually have secure payment programs in place, this is good in the sense that the rental homeowner will never have your bank information or credit card number. You can check out the Better Bureau’s Website to see if any has had any problems with using any payment method on the website or check online for customer reviews.

Get Insurance

There are some rental agencies that have a policy built into their rental agreement; however, it is not a bad idea to get your own. There are some products that provide you with protection before the trip if you decide to cancel and during the trip in the event of an emergency.

Villa rental does not have to be stressful; carrying out thorough and advanced planning can make your holiday an enjoyable experience and can also help to ensure that you will be able to book the type of vacation home you desire at an affordable price.